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  • Do you regularly consume more than 5 drinks within 2 hours (for men) or more than 4 drinks within 2 hours (for women)? 
  • Are you often looking for more drinks even when you know you’ve had enough?
  • Do you drink quickly and find it difficult to find the ‘off’ switch once you get started?
  • Do you sometimes forget parts of nights or blackout because of your drinking?
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling shame and regret about your behaviour from the night before?
  • Do you fall over and injure yourself because of your drinking?
  • Have you driven a car after binge drinking?
  • Do you sometimes wet the bed because of your drinking?
  • Have you upset friends and family because of your drinking?
  • Has binge drinking been causing you problems at work or at school?
  • Do you find that you’re regularly dealing with hangovers because of binge drinking?
  • Have you tried all sorts of strategies to curb your binge drinking without success?


If you’ve answered yes to 4 or more of these questions then it’s likely that your binge drinking is increasingly problematic and it’s time to do something about it.


I’m here to help. I was a binge drinker for over 30 years and have developed a unique coaching program to help binge drinkers breakthrough this negative and destructive pattern of drinking.

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