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Human Cogs Podcast

1 October 2020

Kath Elliott on breast cancer, from surrender to survival and acceptance with hosts Sabina Read and Madeleine Grummet.

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Cancer Council Victoria

19 August 2021

Beyond Dry July: Kathryn shares how going alcohol free changed her life.

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Present & Sober Podcast

5 October 2021

How Stopping Drinking Helped Me Heal From Cancer as shared with Sam Goldfinch and Ellie Crowe.

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How I Quit Alcohol Podcast

7 November 2021

Surviving the curveballs: Ex binge drinker, breast cancer survivor and alcohol coach, Kathryn Elliott shares her story with host Danni Carr.

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This Naked Mind Podcast

10 December 2021

Kathryn shares her story in a one-on-one conversation with Annie Grace. Binge drinking often left Kathryn with nights of forgotten moments and conversations that lead to broken relationships. Tune in to hear how Kathryn found freedom.

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3AW Radio Interview on Afternoons with Dee Dee

26 January 2022

Alcohol Mindset Coach, Kathryn talks Resetting Drinking Habits & Benefits of Taking A Break From Alcohol.

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Bite-Sized Balance Podcast

16 February 2022

Kathryn shares her binge drinking and breast cancer story with host and fellow This Naked Mind coach Wendy McCallum.

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Hello Sunday Morning Blog

1 April 2022

Breast cancer helped me break free from a 30-year binge drinking habit by Kathryn Elliott.

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Tribe Sober Podcast

4 June 2022

Kathryn shares her personal binge drinking story with host Janet Gourand and why so many binge drinkers talk themselves out of believing they have a problem. 

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14 July 2022

After 30 years of problematic drinking, I quit. Then life threw me a curve ball by Kathryn Elliott.

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So You Want To Make A Difference Podcast

23 August 2022

Kathryn shares her story with sisters Julia and Kate as to how her decision to give up alcohol and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis have lead to a more intentional and inspired life.

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Knock Off Drinks With A Difference Podcast 

26 August 2022

Kathryn Elliott on binge drinking and boobies with host Amy Armstrong.

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How I Quit Alcohol Podcast

27 August 2022

Alcohol and the link to breast cancer with Kathryn Elliott and Danni Carr.

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Last Drinks Podcast

27 September 2022

Host Maz Compton talks to The Alcohol Mindset Coach, Kathryn Elliott about her binge drinking history and her last drink on 30 June 2019 amongst other topics.

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Leading You Podcast

October 2022

Breaking Up with Binge Drinking with Alcohol Coach, Kathryn Elliott and host Julie Hyde.

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Find Your Fierce Podcast 

11 October 2022

Host Nikki Ellis and Kathryn Elliott discuss the unbalanced relationship with alcohol that so many people in the health and fitness industry have and how binge drinking was undermining Kathryn's values and why she decided to live an alcohol-free lifestyle at the age of 46 in 2019.

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The Alcohol Free Marriage Podcast

18 October 2022

Hosts Matt and Amy discuss Aussie binge drinking culture and breast cancer awareness with Kathryn Elliott.

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Women's Agenda

20 October 2022

Breast Cancer and alcohol: the elephant in the room that no-one wants to talk about by Kathryn Elliott.

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Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education

30 October 2022

Kathryn Elliott features in Community Stories - ‘I’m not going to go back to drinking… that’s the best decision for my health.

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The Age

6 November 2022

'Finger-pointing at women doesn't work': Exposing the perils of wine o'clock by Wendy Tuohy.

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Talk 2 Brazil

The Business Connection Podcast
7 November 2022

Kathryn Elliott talks to host and fellow breast cancer survivor Tom Reaoch about her article " Breast Cancer and Alcohol: The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

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Inside Small Business

11 November 2022

Five tips to reduce excessive drinking at office Christmas parties.

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Studio 10

Channel 10
23 November 2022

Hosts Sarah and Tristan discuss a range of topics with alcohol coach, Kathryn Elliott including: alcohol and increased breast cancer risk, increased binge drinking risk amongst middle aged women, what is binge drinking and how is it classified and some simple tips on how to reduce your drinking. 

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Peri Menopause Power Podcast

28 November 2022

Hosts Lisa and Natalie discuss shifting the alcohol mindset with coach Kathryn Elliott.

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The Beacon

December 2022

Cover story - Breast Cancer Inspired Me To Make Changes To My Lifestyle.

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Professional Drinkers Podcast

6 January 2023

Kathryn Elliott talks with host Janet Hadley about How employers can help reduce alcohol harm by raising awareness and taking more of a leadership role.

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House of Wellness

29 September 2022


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Last Drinks

5 February 2023


Kath comes back onto the podcast for a second time to discuss with Maz in greater detail about the links between drinking and increased breast cancer risk.

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Sobriety Chat with Lotta Dann

10 January 2023

Kath talks with Lotta aka Mrs D talk about her drinking story, breast cancer experience and advocacy work with regards to generating more awareness around the direct links between alcohol consumption and increased breast cancer risk. 


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