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Inspiring, authentic and a natural storyteller

I cover a variety of topics including:

  • Sobriety & Leadership – an untapped superpower
  • Why employers need to step up and play a role in promoting healthier drinking practices in the workplace

  • Alcohol and Breast Cancer- my personal story and why we need to drink less for our breasts 

Ideal For:

  • Team building events 
  • Industry and business conferences 
  • Women’s business events 
  • Women’s health and wellness events
  • Breast cancer awareness and fundraising events

Jan Owen AM

Entreprenuer & Co-Founder of Be Well 

We were thrilled to have Kath 'In Conversation' at Be Well, Hawthorn with our MC, Holly Ransom.

Kath's powerful personal story is real, compelling and inspiring. As a result of her personal experience Kath dived deep, undertaking extensive research and study to heal herself.

In doing so, she has become a sought after speaker and coach to others who want to explore and change their relationship with alcohol.

Anna Wilson- President

Old Lauristonions' Association

We are grateful to have Kath as the Lauriston Girls’ School BCNA ambassador.

Her ability to speak publicly to the Lauriston community about her experience and learnings from breast cancer with honesty, positivity and passion has been incredibly well received.

I would highly recommend Kath as a speaker for her inspirational and knowledgable content. 


Carmen Mullenger

Events and Community Fundraising Manager, Breast Cancer Network of Australia 

Kath has openly shared her lived experience of breast cancer at a variety of BCNA events and through the Pink Bun campaign and BCNA publications.  

Kath is an experienced and polished public speaker that is also incredibly relatable in the topics she shares. 

We highly value Kath as a member of BCNA and thank her for the ongoing leadership and support she provides others in our network through her open and vulnerable sharing of her experiences.

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